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What separates a winner from a second place finisher?  Some may answer better products, faster to market, reduced costs, or for some with no idea, they may answer luck.  The answer is a strategic vision and the strategy to bring it to life.  In each case, the leadership team must select between multiple routes, to determine the way which works best to meet their organizational goals.

At HHPS, we coach business owners and leaders, helping them uncover and implement innovative strategies that will lead them to new opportunities, which, in turn, will separate them from their competition.  Given today’s technologies, the length of product/service dominance is continually being eroded, as it becomes easier and less expensive to improve on today’s products at lower costs.

What makes us different?  HHPS understands the importance of stakeholders to lasting implementation of your ideas.  Engaging your external partners and employees at all levels ensures a committed team long after the excitement wears off.  Multi-industry experience, coupled with a commitment for helping others achieve their goals, yields a solution customized to meet your needs.

You get the experience of the big consultant firms without the overhead, and you’re always dealing with a seasoned individual with cross-industry savvy.

What they’re saying:

– Ed impressed me greatly not only as a highly competent and motivated professional but also as a developer of talent within the organization. His efforts….Master Black Belt, Project Management Executive

– I met Ed when he helped found a site-wide task force called “The Voice of the Scientist.” Ed has facilitated….Bioinformatics Application Consultant   Read more

– I had an opportunity to manage Merck Research Lab’s capital investment portfolio with Ed. With Ed’s vision, tenacity…. Head, Capacity Management Read more