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by Edward Henkler on December 24, 2013

For the last two weeks of 2013, I will be sharing “best of” posts.  Today is the Best of Employee Engagement and next week will be the Best of Differently-Abled.  Engaging employees and improving employment opportunities and quality of life for individuals who are differently-abled are at the forefront of my passions.  It is my strong belief if you manage a team or a business that they should also be at the top of your list.  Are they?

The blue ribbon winners

The winners – best of

Change initiatives: How effective are your change initiatives? Studies in 1995 (John Kotter) and 2008 (McKinsey & Company) both determined that 70% of change programs fail. That rate might be even higher if you rigorously calculated the financial and human impact of the effort, both direct and lost opportunity costs. The failure rate also might rise if you asked those who had to live with the changes every day rather than the leaders who initially championed the changes. The bottom line is that a very significant opportunity exists to more effectively execute change initiatives.  Read more at Change Initiatives – Stakeholder Engagement.  

Strategy diamonds: While most would say your top priority is the bottom line, the strategy diamond makes it clear that if you focus on your employees (or products or consumers), the bottom line will take care of itself.  Read more at Strategy Diamond.  

It’s Your Ship: D. Michael Abrashoff wrote a marvelous leadership tale, “It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy.”  He believes and I agree that problems are best solved by the people who routinely manage the associated activities.  This is not intended to disparage the “chosen”, only to suggest that while they have a role, they aren’t the only ones who can contribute.  As you engage more and more of your employees, innovation can become the norm.  A chain is only as good as the weakest link….strengthen all of them!  Read more at Engage All Employees for Sustainable Change

Layoffs and Employee Engagement:  Rather than desperately working to retain their employees, [companies] should help them realize their dreams.  They will build a cloud of advocates who refer other people to their employers, past and present.  They will also always give their best, knowing that they have a reciprocal relationship with their employer.  Read more at Layoffs and Employee Engagement.  

Innovate, Experiment, Commoditize:  Engage your employees by focusing them on the work that is most interesting, constantly seek innovative approaches then optimize them, while handing the routine work off to other organizations that are best suited to accomplish them.  Read more at IEC.

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