Walk the Talk – no late night emails

June 16, 2015 Walkthetalk
Walk the talk

Walk the talk – do what you say! There was a great article in the 15-May-15 Philadelphia Business Journal. I’m sure you know the expression, “walk the talk”. It means that you do what you say. The converse is from another age, “Do as I say, not as I do.” I remember a classic commercial […]

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Negotiations & Cognitive Diversity

June 9, 2015 Negotiations

Do you like negotiations? Do you consider yourself an expert? My answer to both questions would be a resounding NO…yet a business colleague and I just concluded a successful negotiation. The negotiations were cordial and it felt as though the final outcome was a win-win. I believe that three distinct elements contributed to our success: […]

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Retirement & creative employment

June 2, 2015 retirement
long term employment

I admire Mama Arlene, who was featured in a 10-May-15 Philadelphia Inquirer Mama Arlene. At age 84 she is devoting her retirement years to giving a home and hope to some of Africa’s neediest children. She also believes that her true value began in retirement. I’ll return to her story at the end of this […]

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More Cognitive Diversity – Fast & Slow Learners

May 26, 2015 Cognitive diversity
Cognitive diversity - fast + slow learners

The 7-Apr-15 Philadelphia Inquirer included an article reporting the results of a study which measured brain activity as participants completed a relatively simple task. The study reminds us that people think differently (cognitive diversity) but an individual can also exhibit different cognitive behavior under different circumstances. The participants were asked to type out 6 different ten-digit […]

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Whistleblower vs. Values Advocate; Ethics vs. Compliance

May 19, 2015 whistleblowers
Whistleblowers; Ethics vs. Compliance

On 15-Apr-15, in addition to celebrating tax day, I had the pleasure of hearing Frank Bucaro’s presentation entitled “The Importance of Ethics in Successful Businesses”. I’ll save his comment about whistleblowers until the end and focus instead on his comments about compliance vs. ethics. In his experience, companies spend orders of magnitude more on compliance […]

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B-Corps, Giving Back

May 12, 2015 United by Blue
United by Blue

I’m a big believer in giving back or its twin, paying it forward. It’s a frequent topic as you will see here and here. It pleases me to see how deeply ingrained it is in the millennials. I’m not sure if I’m more aware of it or it’s becoming more ubiquitous but giving back seems […]

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Chicken & Egg Scenarios

May 5, 2015 chicken & egg
Nuru International

I feel compelled to comment on the recent events which have impacted the area where I spent much of my youth. I grew up in Westminster, Maryland, just a bit north and west of Baltimore. There have been some wonderful reports of people taking personal, positive action but social media is filled with negativity. I […]

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Positive perspective – Health Failures or Opportunities?

April 28, 2015 Perspective

A frequent topic on my blog is the importance of a positive focus in life and also in our word choice. The 14-April post was entitled “problem or opportunity.” Building on that theme, I want to share some insights which Dr. Fredric Abramson presented recently to the Greater Philadelphia Senior Executives Group. Fredric is a […]

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