Cognitive Diversity covers all

April 21, 2015 Cognitive diversity
Age discrimination vs. agew diversity

It’s not the age discrimination; it’s the missed cognitive diversity opportunity The 20-Mar-15 Philadelphia Business Journal included a wonderful article about including age as a diversity factor. The author, Craig Ey, notes the possibilities especially with millennials changing jobs so frequently. I do think he misses an opportunity with cognitive diversity which I’ll highlight a […]

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Problem or opportunity

April 14, 2015 Business coaching
Clouds - problem or opportunity?

To some degree, you can use the words problem and opportunity interchangeably. Much as it can become grammatically awkward when we’re coached to say “and” rather than “but”, the phrasing can become stilted but…I believe it changes how we approach something. Let’s contrast the following two phrases: “We have a problem with retention.” “We have […]

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Education – with a twist of passion

April 7, 2015 Passion

I’m sure most of you have heard the expression, “teaching to the test”. It’s the suggestion that schools teach their students to succeed on the standardized tests which are used to judge academic performance. The result can be a student who qualifies for the best schools but may be poorly prepared for the schoolwork at […]

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The Color of Perspective

March 31, 2015 Perspective
Lisa Scottoline - Chick Wit

Lisa Scottoline published a wonderful article in the 8-Mar-15 Philadelphia Inquirer. You may remember how the internet was all abuzz about the color of a dress. Some people saw a dress with blue and black horizontal stripes. Others saw a white and gold-striped dress. I always enjoy reading Lisa’s Chick Wit column but was particularly […]

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Disabilities vs. Different Abilities

March 24, 2015 Disabilities

While I hope you find my posts insightful and entertaining, I also know from personal experience that it’s sometimes nice to have a brief post. With that in mind, I wanted to share two quick examples of why disabilities are better described as different abilities. One story is low tech and the other high tech […]

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Employee engagement and Escape from the Planet of the Cubicles

March 17, 2015 Employee Engagement
What's Your Dream

Employee engagement – what’s your dream? The 13-Feb-15 Philadelphia Business Journal included an eyecatching article, Escape from the Planet of the Cubicles. It was an encouraging look at employee engagement initiatives with perks ranging from fitness facilities to free organic meals with locally sourced products and a corporate Uber account for employees who work late. […]

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Positive attitude, Employee engagement

March 10, 2015 Employee Engagement
Abe Mandel does it right - employee engagement, positive attitude

The 19-Jan-15 Philadelphia Inquirer included an article that is perfectly aligned with my philosophy. Abe Mandel has been the proprietor of menswear establishments in south Philadelphia since 1968. He’s built a noteworthy brand and reputation over the years but at age 74, he’s ready to slow down. We read about people like Abe all of the […]

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Another Wisdom of the Crowds

March 3, 2015 Forecasting

Back in late 2013, I wrote a post focused on James Surowiecki’s book, “The Wisdom of Crowds”. More recently, the Philadelphia Inquirer included an article which referenced this crowd-based phenomenon. In case you’re unfamiliar with the expression, you can go back to my previous post. The Inquirer article also provided the following explanation. “In most […]

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