Business Development & Connections


We are passionate networkers and connectors.  Our network is extensive and diverse, including segments from large cap biopharmaceuticals, non-profit, service academies, start-up, and the differently-abled worlds.  We have used these connections repeatedly to establish new business relationships for client companies and facilitate career transition for colleagues.

HHPS offers a complete solution and is confident that if we don’t know the answer, we’ll be able to find someone in our network who does.  Think of us as for businesses and entrepreneurs.

business development and coaching

HHPS: old-fashioned connections to trusted partners coupled with the reach of a diverse, global network

What they’re saying:

– Ed and I started an initiative ( based on an online community of senior scientists that are in transition, underemployed or retired. Ed’s business experience has been invaluable…. PhD microbiologist, consultant  Read more