Business Planning & Execution


“In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily trivia until ultimately, we become enslaved by it.”                                                                                          -Robert Heinlein

We believe that the business plan must be linked to the strategic plan and that the annual plan should be the first year of the strategic plan.  The business plan serves two key purposes: 1) it provides a roadmap against which progress towards objectives can be measured, and 2) it focuses employee activities by establishing near term intermediate goals which are more easily translated into action.

In “Traction”, Gino Wickman refers to short term objectives as “rocks” and he makes it clear that you can only manage 3 to at most 7 rocks per quarter. They should be the objectives that are most important to your business and, as priorities change, you may need to adjust but should never be pursuing more than 7 “rocks” at a time.

business planning

Much like these zen rocks, maintaining a short list of high priority objectives will keep balance and harmony in your business.

Our process includes the:

  • rigor and accountability learned and lived through a service academy education and service in the Navy’s nuclear power program
  • basic objective setting and business planning elements from Gino Wickman’s eos (entrepreneurial operating system)
  • team assessments and development from The Gabriel Institute and eos

The most important element is a periodic (typically monthly, although it may start as weekly) check-in after the plans have been developed and implemented.

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