Don’t let bad culture corrupt you

by Edward Henkler on January 27, 2015

The 15-Jan-15 Philadelphia Inquirer included a Sports Section article which I believe is well worth sharing. While I personally love sports, it’s not typically one of my blog topics. I think this advice is so relevant that a departure from the norm is justified. As I also do on occasion, I will keep my portion brief so you can spend your time with the article.

Just to hit the highlights, this is a story about a young basketball player who was a star at St. Joe’s but was undrafted by the NBA. He could have pursued a lucrative contract with a European basketball club but he was unwilling to give up on his dream of playing in the NBA. He recently received a short term contract to play for one of the worst teams in the NBA and is making the most of it. His college coach’s advice was “Don’t let the culture around the NBA’s worst team corrupt you.” Enjoy the rest of the article here.

Don't let bad culture corrupt you

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