Employee engagement and Escape from the Planet of the Cubicles

by Edward Henkler on March 17, 2015

Employee engagement – what’s your dream?

The 13-Feb-15 Philadelphia Business Journal included an eyecatching article, Escape from the Planet of the Cubicles. It was an encouraging look at employee engagement initiatives with perks ranging from fitness facilities to free organic meals with locally sourced products and a corporate Uber account for employees who work late. The article is a good read and makes you realize how much creativity can be applied to employee engagement. I’ll keep this post short so you can take a bit of time to read the article which inspired it.

I just saw one gap or perhaps it really is just an opportunity. Any long time readers will know how highly I regard Matthew Kelly’s, The Dream Manager. In my mind, this is the one unexplored opportunity in the article. Creating a welcoming and inclusive culture is a critical step in employee engagement. Recognizing that money is low on Maslow’s Triangle (necessary but not sufficient), I also like the focus on B Corps ideals such as employee health, sustainability, etc. To complete the picture, I wish they would also seek to understand the dreams of their employees. Matthew Kelly believes that employers should feel as much obligation to help their employees realize their dreams as employees are expected to help the employers with their dreams. Managed properly, your employees will love working for you and will remain ardent supporters as they move on to future employers. Just as employers no longer promise lifelong employment, it’s unrealistic to think that employees will spend a career with you. It’s better to create lifelong advocates who will contribute to recruiting and business development success long after they leave.

Employee engagement; what's your dream?

Employee engagement – what’s your dream?

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