Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement:

7 out of 10 employees qualify as being “disengaged”from their job. 

“State of the American Workforce” survey of more than 350,000 respondents


In your finance department, on your loading dock, manning the phones, out in the field, behind desks, sitting in meeting rooms . . . 70% of your team is not engaged in their work.  They’re going through the motions.  You’re a paycheck to them. Nothing else.

Think of the untapped potential.  Consider the ideas not being spoken.  The energy being held back.  The inefficiency leaking into production. Perhaps the mistakes occurring on the shop floor or in the accounting office.  Or the lackluster attitude among workers and a sagging team morale.  Not to mention the turnover and retraining costs you’re incurring.


The cost to your organization of employee dis-engagement is immense.  It bogs down your productivity, your creativity, your profitability, and your team’s spirit.

BUT . . .

What if 70% of your workforce were actively engaged, rather than adrift?

We’d forever change your workplace. 

  • Productivity would soar
  • Workers would freely offer ideas to improve work and process
  • Your recruitment success would spike
  • Team morale would blossom
  • Worker commitment to excellence would skyrocket
  • Customers would notice this new energy and catch “the bug”
  • And sales would boom

Employees would become advocates for your company and brand.  Forever.

How We Make It Happen

It begins with a conversation with you, the corporate leader.  We want to understand the performance challenges and cultural issues you face.  We’ll also establish the yardstick by which we’ll measure success.

Once we’ve set the program’s scope, HHPS interviews your workforce, concentrating on front-line workers at first.  HHPS listens carefully and openly for their job ideas, frustrations, and even their goals for their own lives.  As an outside agent skilled at building trust, HHPS is able to cultivate a new atmosphere and attitude.

We stress to your employees that THEIR ideas and needs ARE important to the company.  And that the Executive Team is committed to the workers and their individual success. Not just the company’s.

These ideas may be trivial in the beginning.  After all, they don’t yet know what to make of your new initiative.  They don’t know if this is a passing fad or how much they can trust the discretion of the team interviewing them. And so they’re hesitant to express themselves.

Here’s the key – whatever ideas they offer, we act on.  Period.  Show them your commitment.  Actions really are the only way to persuade your team.

Once people see you “mean it,” they’ll open up and start thinking bigger.  And once people start thinking beyond themselves, well, who knows what you’ll be able to achieve!


HHPS works with organizations that believe better involvement from their employees can grow their company.

What do you believe?


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What they’re saying:

– His [Ed’s] efforts to develop employees, from multiple functions and at different levels, was truly impressive…..Master Black Belt, Project Management Executive

– When you actually implement your employees’ ideas in your business, you forever change your relationship with them…..Senior Operations Executive