The Healthiest Organizations Win (Patrick Lencioni Point of View)

by Edward Henkler on June 24, 2014

Patrick Lencioni is one of my favorite authors.  His commonsense approach to building a team and running an organization should be required reading for every senior leader and perhaps also for the consultants they engage.  In “The Healthiest Organizations Win”, Pat focuses on the San Antonio Spurs’ amazing run of success, recently capped off by a 5th NBA championship.  His observations are relevant for any business team that wants to win in the long run.  Their focus is on trust, stability and building a team without “celebrities”.  Most of us have heard the expression there’s no “I” in team but how many teams are truly built that way?  I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention how this correlates with Matthew Kelly’s “The Dream Manager” and the importance of a business leader caring as much about their employee’s success as they expect in return.

Pat Lencioni + The Table Group

This link will take you to Pat’s full article.

For your Philadelphia fans, I read a Philadelphia Inquirer article (All’s quiet on Birds’ front; 20-Jun-14) that suggests that Chip Kelly is taking a similar approach with the Eagles.

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