Management Consultants – Good & Bad

by Edward Henkler on April 16, 2013

I had planned a post on finding your “blue ocean”, identifying a creative employment solution which separates you from the stacks of resumes submitted for virtually every opening.  Unfortunately, you will have to wait another week as I just came across an article which perfectly summarizes how I can help you.

As I’ve previously noted, 70% of change initiatives fail.  I don’t believe the failing is attributable to the plans or the management consultants who create them.  The failing is inadequate engagement of the stakeholders, as defined in my previous post.  The solution is to employ a neutral change agent, who can work with all participants, ensuring robust, two-way communications.  This role can be played by a trusted insider or an experienced outsider, who is comfortable working with all levels of the organization and also with the management consultant.

The rest of my post is from Anne Fisher’s blog in CNNMoney.


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