Networking is Natural

by Edward Henkler on October 15, 2013

Networking is a natural skill.  We spent the last week on a memorial cruise, bidding a final farewell to a very dear friend who succumbed to cancer earlier this year.  Although the level of support ramped up when the cancer recurrence was initially diagnosed, there was a dramatic shift when she entered hospice.  Friends, family, neighbors all pitched in with transportation, meals, and countless other acts of kindness.  The level of support may have diminished 8 months later but 42 friends, family, and neighbors participated in a memorial cruise…a significant time and financial commitment.  Why did they do it?  It wasn’t because they expected something in return or even something in the distant future.  They did it solely because it was the right thing to do, to honor a friend they lost and support the spouse who was left behind.

This is networking at its finest.  Networking works best when our sole concern is how we might further the goals of the other person.  There is no scorecard of how many you’ve helped or how much you helped them.  It is just a sincere interest in helping someone else succeed.  It is not a one time commitment but an ongoing objective of helping others.

If you keep a scorecard or only help when you know the specifics of a future reward, your true network will get ever smaller.  The absolute numbers might increase but the cloud of people who will help unconditionally will evaporate.

Network the way you would support a close friend in distress!

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Jonas October 17, 2013 at 3:58 am

Thanks for this post Ed! We continue to learn a great deal about networking from you.


Edward Henkler October 17, 2013 at 1:40 pm

Thanks, Jonas. Networking is clearly a strategic tool and works best when relationships are maintained and nurtured for a many years, not just tended when there’s an immediate need.


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