Paying it forward; will you have time to network when you’re in transition next?

by Edward Henkler on March 4, 2014

Too busy with your job to network?  Never really understood the whole networking thing or maybe you’re just not a good networker?  I’ve heard these and every variation on the theme.  In fact, when folks bemoan the lack of creativity and innovation in business, they merely need to lack at creative excuses for not networking when you’re working.  There’s nothing wrong with this approach unless you find yourself in transition, especially if it’s not your first time.  That’s when the value of networking and the even greater value of “paying it forward” become apparent.  I suspect there are many variations on this theme and also a variety of attributions but I’ll go with Jimmy Durante’s quote, “Be nice to people on your way up because you {may} meet them on your way down.”  When everything is going your way, you have two choices: (1) use your good fortune to help as many as possible, (2) keep your focus inward and drive the success as high as possible.  It may go without saying that I believe the only option is the first alternative and you can see more of my thinking here and here.

Treat others well

Be careful who you step on as you head to the top

I recognize how difficult it is to find time to help others when you’re very busy with your own work but I am surrounded by folks who believe and live “paying it forward.”  For them, you can never be so busy that you can’t help someone else.  You don’t help because you expect that person to help you in return at some future point.  You help because it’s the right thing to do…..and perhaps….because you believe there might be some element of karma that eventually pays you back….but that can’t be your primary driver.

I’m keeping this post short as I hope some very busy people will find time to read it and will also find time to network before they’re back in transition…..

Pay it forward… will never regret it!

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