Positive perspective is a choice

by Edward Henkler on May 6, 2014

I recently attended a conference focused on glaucoma education and prevention.  Aside from providing some very helpful information about glaucoma and prevention of blindness, it was a powerful reminder that choosing a positive perspective is a personal choice and always an option.

One of the speakers told a story of a colleague at work.  John lost his sight in his early 30’s and now works in the technology department of a non-profit which serves the blind and visually impaired.  For most people, going blind is horrifying with many folks admitting they would give up a limb before their sight.  Many folks become depressed when they lose their job.  Imagine losing your sight in the prime of your life and having to reinvent every aspect of your life while seeking new employment.  John tells people that he was dealt one bad (very bad) card but has 51 other cards he can choose to play on any given day, and that’s where he invests his energy.

Playing cards

The next story was even more heartbreaking.  One of the speakers was a 25 year old woman who was born with a cataract (bet you thought that only happened to old people).  She had her first eye surgery when she was 13 days old.  It took several years but she eventually regained normal vision.  Then, at age 7, she was diagnosed with glaucoma.  Thanks to a supportive family and a positive outlook, she has now completed law school and joined a law firm in NYC.  Her life is filled with daily challenges to manage her eyesight yet she was the most popular speaker because of her positive outlook and demonstrated ability to overcome significant challenges.

Perhaps you know someone who has overcome a daunting situation but this is not about topping my stories?  Instead, it’s a reminder that we all have 52 cards to choose from and there is no need to obsess over one bad card.  Choose a positive perspective and good things naturally follow!

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