Strategic Planning


“The plans were useless, but the planning was indispensable.” he stated after the successful invasion of Normandy in WWII, when asked about the detailed planning process that went into the invasion.                                                                                          – General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Do you have an active, current strategic plan?  Do all of your employees know what it says?  Is it re-visited periodically to ensure it accurately reflects the current environment?

HHPS uses a variety of tools, including stakeholder interviews, SWOT analysis, strategy diamonds, and strategy maps to develop a sustainable, living strategic plan.  The organizational vision and mission must also be established or validated as they represent the organizational North Star and are the benchmark against which every decision must be measured. 

Two key tenets influence our approach:

  • We believe the insights and knowledge required to create an excellent strategic plan are usually already available within the company’s employee population but it may require an outsider to assimilate all of the pieces.  The other advantage of the outsider is that the employees are typically very busy and tend to be more focused on tactical activities.
  • A strategic plan is only valuable if it is treated as a living document.  The horizon may be distant but the plan should still evolve as additional knowledge becomes available.

Let us help you breathe life into your strategic plan and ensure that your annual plan and objectives are aligned with it.