Strategic Portfolio Management


If you have more than one major project or change initiative, it is likely that your project teams are competing for resources and there may be limited coordination between them, leading to erratic cash flow and frustrated employees. 

As organizations grow in size and complexity, it becomes easy to be overwhelmed by projects, programs, and initiatives.  While each entity may seem appropriate in isolation, sustainability and viability is only possible if the entire portfolio is prioritized and actively managed. 

Business Coaching and Consulting

It might seem ideal to have unlimited money but organizations make better choices with constrained resources. If you don’t have money to burn, that is when we can best help you optimize your portfolio.


We use a variety of tools, based on stage gate processes, to effectively manage the portfolio, with ensuring four goals:

  • Having adequate resources available for the project commitments, both in aggregate and at specific points in time, when peak loads can overwhelm an organization
  • Highest priority projects are selected and are confirmed to be in alignment with the organizational strategy
  • Projects are executed on schedule, budget, and produce the projected deliverables
  • Sustaining organizational evolution by conducting “lessons learned” debriefs to identify opportunities for improvement (not punishment).

What they’re saying:

I have had the good fortune to work closely with Ed for many years. We have collaborated in several capacities, but primarily focused on Capital and Strategic planning and the management of the R&D Capital budget. Ed has an excellent command of business process and operations…. Managing Partner, Engineering Management Services Firm  Read more